There have been a lot of open letters to Ed Miliband in the last few weeks since we lost the election.

Don’t listen to me about politics, I was the ultimate Milifan, I’ve been with him since the start. Since I turned up in a sweaty awful phone bank after hearing him speak one day. I knew I wanted to be involved with politics. Some people will say given my loyalty to Ed I should never have an opinion on candidates ever again, I say he’s the only reason I have an opinion in the first place.

This is a very personal tirade but I need to get it out. If it weren’t for Ed Miliband I would have gone home and never have realised that I’m actually alright at persuading others to get involved with politics. To call other people, and ask and ask again until they commit to at least something.

If it weren’t for Ed I wouldn’t have had the motivation to get through several jobs working minimum wage and few hours contracts, still pushing for more because I wanted to be an organiser, because Ed had given me the confidence I needed to know that politics is for the many not the few.

So Ed, the letter I wrote you in 2010 still stands, neither me, nor my sister, nor my Mam would have been here if it weren’t for you and the way you inspired us way back in the day when you were running for leader. And the leader you became, was a leader that NEVER let us down.

Lots of love,

Lisa the original Milifan